Summer Beauty Faves

A little shelfie to give love to some products I've been obsessing over now that the temps (and humidity!) are sky high. Oribe Gold Lust Collection: Shampoo, Conditioner, Oil. I attribute a lot of hair health to this trio of goodies. It's Oribe's repair & restore products, and it does just that to my blonde... Continue Reading →

Duck, Duck, Golden Goose!

It's the age of Derelicte, circa Zoolander, and I'm all about it! For one, I drink a lot of coffee (if you haven't caught onto that little tid bit yet, welcome). Meaning, I have ample opportunity to spill said coffee. For two, I have a toddler. So, my parameter by which I measure accidents has... Continue Reading →

July Wishlist

Cami / Jeans / Dress / Rolling Stones Tee / Led Zeppelin Tee / Sneakers  It's a new month, and a hot one at that. The south is HUMID in the summer, so I'll stay inside and look on the internet, thank you very much. In said online shopping k-hole, I have a few things... Continue Reading →

Hooked on Veggies

Eating more veggies is the key to success. Healthy skin, hair, organs....all thrive on vegetable consumption. But, salads can only get you so far. What about breakfast? What if you just NEED chocolate? What if I'm in a hurry and don't have time to chop up a garden of colorful delights?? Veggies Made Great steps... Continue Reading →

Summer Closet Update

Hat / Earrings / Denim Jacket / Sundress / Romper / Sneakers / Tank / Turban Headband / Pink Earrings / Shorts / Sandals I like to consider myself more of a capsule wardrobe dresser. I want things that are neutral, and can easily be carried throughout seasons. I'd rather spend a little more on... Continue Reading →

Why You Need a Facial Steamer

I've had my eye on this facial steamer since I first started my blog. (mentioned here & here, *cue the emoji with the monkey covering the eyes*) Vision board it enough and you'll finally break down and get one! It wasn't until I had a few esthetic facials that I really grew to appreciate the purpose... Continue Reading →

Band Tees are the New Black

Led Zeppelin / Guns n Roses / Pink Floyd / The Rolling Stones / Rolling Stones  How many band tees are too many? THE LIMIT DOES NOT EXIST. They say when you find something you love, get it in every color. And by they, I mean me. I say that allll the time. Like those... Continue Reading →

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