November Favorites

I had lots of new discoveries last month! With all the holiday promos retailers rolled out, I was able to scoop up some products I've been wanting to try! From podcasts to beauty product, it's going to be a pot luck type of post today. Sephora Rouge: I became a Sephora Rouge member in November,... Continue Reading →


Black Friday Deals: The Detox Market

It's no secret that people are becoming more conscious of the products they use and consume. The health and wellness space has grown immensely over the last few years, and in good timing. When I was pregnant with my son, like most women, I became very aware of my health. Post baby, that only escalated.... Continue Reading →

The Cleanser for Every Skin Type

Sunday Riley recently revamped their Ceramic Slip Cleanser and gave it a makeover, all around. New formula. New bottle. New price. WHAT?! I usually don't like change, especially when it comes to skincare! If something works for my finicky skin, I hold it near and dear and don't look back. However, I also know if... Continue Reading →

Clean Brushes, Happy Skin

Just your mid-week reminder to CLEAN YOUR BRUSHES. Clean all the things: Clarisonic brush heads, Beautyblenders....if it touches your face it needs a bath! My two favorite tools for said brush bath is the Sigma Spa Cleaning Mat and Blendercleanser solid. The cleanser works to gently remove excess residue and germs, while still protecting the... Continue Reading →

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